Day 28 - Favorite game developer.

Valve Software

I’m not even sure i need to go over this because of the past month or so of gaming posts I’ve been putting up.

Yes, I’m a fan of Valve — I think they produce quality work.  In fact I don’t even have a big problem with all of the adjustments of release dates for games because I know they will bring out something amazing.  I think Valve may be the last hope for a world where gaming is beginning to fade.

I mean real gaming.

Not casual gaming or bro-gaming.

The big companies have not failed to disappoint in the past few years.  Even Nintendo, which has been such a huge company for me, has fallen short.  Sure there have been some great titles, but they’re so focused on innovation that they’ve forgotten the truly important aspects of gaming.

Or maybe I’m just jaded and bitter.

Regardless — I love the games Valve releases.  The stories, characters, graphics, engine and overall experience never has left me disappointed (except for the want for a new title, but I digress)and I will attest to their quality any day.

Day 25 - A game you plan on playing.

Quantum Conundrum

Wow, this game looks great.

Coming from one of the head people behind Portal, I expect great things — and it seems (so far) as if the game will not disappoint.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this — I loves me some puzzle games.

Day 21 - Game with the best story.


The reasoning behind this game is not the plot or story alone, but how this particular story is delivered to its audience.

For all intents and purposes you are Gordon Freeman, and that’s something which many other games don’t achieve.  Everything you experience about the incident at Black Mesa is what Gordon would be experiencing in real time: overhearing conversations through vents, seeing what happened around the facility (or not seeing it), and finding alternate routes to go through when marines or aliens block them.  Single-handedly you become the only hope of fending off the threat which has come through to Earth through the resonance cascade.

There’s a reason Valve rode the success of this game and it became their flagship.

Because it’s a damn good game — even now.

A comparison of Valve lead animator Bill Fletcher and Valve visual designer Laura Dubuk and their in-game likenesses of Cave Johnson and Caroline.

I emailed Gabe Newell the other day…

The email interface wasn’t working so well, so I probably look like a moron who doesn’t know how to work computers.

EPIC facepalm


Portal 2 is 10 bucks on Steam right now for those of you who need it.  Because one does not simply want Portal.

Definitely a BSOD worthy of the title

Definitely a BSOD worthy of the title